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>> there is no word there is something mazing. >> this is no such thing as watching people in this event. >> and can you describe the feel something. >> no. no. you can't. i mean, now, you're working, and this is a dream. and here we're nobody would have called this this early. and there is when you've got to play the games. >> and here you are. >> and why not keep doing it?. >> you got down early. there is a 6-1 rally. >> and we're not going give up just because you know we're
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down early. we're going to keep grinding and grinding. and there is no gain bigger than that. we had to come back in. >> there try as we might we can't get the audio. >> we're sorry about those problems but celebration is awesome. let's try it out, laura anthony, are you interest there? >> i'm here, i'm here with friends. and and this is and a's fan
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put their faith into the team. and taking bad time was the good. >> there are is something awesome. i've been waiting for a's to get back and we're going to do it this year. >> it's fantastic and it's been coming 20 years. so great. >> and at the end of the game this started to dawn on the 36,000 fans that this could end... up unbelievable. >> and i tell you what. i'll stick around. >> earlier the mayor told us there is a good feeling about team. >> and that is what they can
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be going for now that they're headed to the division series. >> do you think this should be another movie? >> yes. this is qualifying for movie making. >> and i'm sure the folks would love to be in the next movie. right? i don't know if you can hear me. this is an indication of how far a's have come for the beginning of the season. and there is this morning, 12-1 and today, even better. and congratulations autos and we have to move on to other news of the day. there is a san jose family hit twice by blrs is fighting to get something back. thieves took nico, just a puppy. it's drawing attention and
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there is the dog's owner digging into her piggy bank to come up with a reward. >> right. this home was burglarized last summer in august. owners did make security improvements and this week, the thieves managed to get through this gailt and have taken something that has devastated the family. this is where the burglars broke into the home, shattering a double payne door and stole electrickics. but they took something more valuable. the family's new puppy, a 5-month-old. >> that is what just so messed up. they go making a quick buck they don't realize how much emotions are tied to this. this is not just a dog. it's not money. it's my daughter's heart. >> and marie brought the puppy
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home in june and the 10-year-old says she taught him how to sit and roll over. >> i just want to know if he's okay or not f he's hurt or not. that is it. >> two counsel members joinsed the family to denounce the crime. they say the mayor and counsel majority's policies have gutted the police department and opened the door for burglaries to skyrocket. >> word is on the street. they know it. we don't have enough officers and we zront a burglary unit or detective autos the police and fire unions have kicked in a $5,000 reward for the safe return and it's the coins in her piggy bank and emotions in her heart may play the biggest role in bringing nico home.
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>> turn them into me. it would meant world to me. if you turn him in. >> this is a heart felt plea from a 10-year-old. he does have a microchip. the family is hoping if someone purchased their stolen puppy, they will come forward. >> we need owe get him home. thank you very much z what a difference a day makes it's hot in parts of the bay. there is a perfect day to take a stroll on a shady street and other spots there has been as forecast a drop in temperatures. >> yeah wex go from record heat to this. check out live doppler 7. fog made it back along the coast. this is pushing over the bay. temperatures 60s coastside. low to mid-90s inland and this
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is a 25 degree drop in san francisco. drastic there. 19 degrees cooler in oakland. there is oakland 19 degrees cooler. wind is playing a role in this. there is you might be reaching for your umbrellas. >> there is a family of an 18-year-old still looking for answers into what happened the day he was shot. police say he pointed a gun in an officer and there is nick smith. >> we're just trying to get answers and we said ask said we haven't been able to get the answers and every time, we've been shut down.
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>> and they continued to relay answers related to their son. the city council meeting filled with family and supporters accusing city leaders of dragging their feet and releasing details on the may 6th shooting and worse. >> this takes time. >> the city council member says the family deserves to know the truth. so does the public. >> people should let the process run its course its incumbent upon to us make sure we provide with the answer autos howard jordan claims he's doing his best and he leased a report on the investigation and in a statement says this will provide independent facts. >> this one that could have been given months ago. >> and representing the family in the wrongful death suit. he says the police report
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raises more questions than it answers. >> there is a number of them do not see a gun on the kid. >> the report also states there is bloomford -- in contradiction to other states saying he never fired a weapon. >> they want to know what happened. i'm trying to help them understand the circumstances surrounding their son's death. >> and this is after the abuse settlement 10 years ago. if you like to see the full report in this case you can go to our web site. abc 7 in oakland nick smith, abc 7 news. >> there is a mistrial declared in the trial of a former san francisco crime lab technician and there could be
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a possible retrial. jurors agree she took cocaine to the lab but disagreed on whether prosecutors moved -- proved she did it by means of deception z there are 500 drug-related cases dismissed because of missing or tainted evidence. >> there is a march underway to protest chevron's response to a refinery fire. the demonstration started this afternoon that culminate was a protest outside of the refinery gates. and they want more compensation given to residents affected by the fire's toxic smoke there is a spokesperson says it's working to implement a new air monitoring system. >> we're less than an hour from the first presidential
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debate this, is a live picture of the ritchie center at university of denver, president obama and mitt rom fee will square off. this bill focus on domestic poll sismt it's a critical moment and there is romney looking to makeup ground lost in key swing states, you can consumer watch it here start agent 6:00 tonight and this is also going stream live for you. >> an information sharing program has grown into a boondoggel producing little information on terrorists that. is the charge contained in a panel report issued today. panel members charge homeland security with spending almost $1.5 billion on intelligence sharing senters row viding useless reports. and a new report reveals how
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president obama would have handled the september 11th mastermind had he survived the raid last year. the author said the president wanted to put bin laden on trial z says however that did he not expect him to go down without a fight. that book is due out in a couple weeks october 16th. >> still to come there is also, facebook rolls out a new way to give your posting better visibility. but this will cost you. >> the famous local aviateo who rode shotgun today, lucky guy.
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national aviation hero is helping kick off fleet week. it's touching down after a ride along with blue angels today there is a jet landed in the nork hudson river. captain suly says it's been 32 years since he was in a fighter jet. is six times the normal force of gravity. suddenly, the high onset rate. >> and there is also shared with members of the young eagles program were on hand. >> and there is face book making it years to promote your garage sale or engagement. starting today there is a new feature allowing to you buy what is called a promoted
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post. and there is increasing the likelihood that your friends will see it. it looks like it will cost 7ss today buy a promoted post. >> something to think with b.. >> yes. >> there is a big announcement in cell phones today there is t-mobile and mcht etro pcs agreed to merge. you may recall at and t tried to merge with t-mobile but there is too much concern koit reduce competition. now, they want to join forces instead. there is t-mobile with a wider network there are consumer reports saying it may provide a strong alternative. >> there is a a merger that
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positions t-mobile as a strong competitor to at and t and t-mobile and print and consumer reports says it could see rates go up. and regulators still would have to approve any deal. we reported many times on a sow called tech support scam. now regulators say they shut down six huge operations overseas. and they called consumers claiming they needed to remove wall ware detected in computers. they sper swayedded victims and the ftc obtained a court injunction and there is
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officials saying phone lines were cutoff. there is more optimism the housing prices is finally a thing of the past and there are home price that's rose during three months in july, prices reached their highest levels in nine years and also new home sales up 27% from a year ago. and that is good news. >> yes. sit. >> this is warm today. >> yes. >> if we can say the heat is history. >> there is live picture now from our camera.
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there is fog with sea breeze taking temperatures down and this is only 95 for the high today. eight degrees cooler. there is live doppler 7 hd now. it's evident why temperatures have fallen. there is fog back at the coast. there is radar tracking weather changes coming and there are changes that may be watching rain drops. there is a fog layer pushing in over the bay and towards berkeley area so we're in for a night with some fog. temperatures into 60s at the coast and 90s inland. highs into 60s and there is a
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temperatures tumbling tomorrow, we may be talking about drain drops by upon. overnight fog going to make its way well into valleys and there is a cooler air reaching inland valleys and so overnight readings will be falling and will be better sleeping weather for those of you that do not have air conditioning temperatures starting off into 50s across the bay area and there is what is coming up. there is low pressure brought change and there is a cooler pattern orn the way and this will lift north whard it's going to do is come across our area and when it does, heading into monday, tuesday, we going to see moisture that could with seeing showers moving through here there could with showers coming in as early as
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monday. thursday afternoon highs 77 in san jose. 80s in los gatos there. is a mild day on the peninsula. there is at degrees in pacifica. 63 in downtown san francisco. there is 50s near the coast with the fog. 71 santa rosa. 69 degree day in oaklandland. this is where you'll notice a difference. 7 the tomorrow in livermore from 95 today and there is big events happening. it's blue angels clouds and fog in the morning. there is 61 so bundle up if you're going there. there is cooler weather and there is a slight chance of
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rain monday in the accu-weather forecast. you can be a big winner on facebook. all facebook friends are eligible. there is where you go to this page we'll announce the winner and after the hters game here on abc 7 news. good luck. >> thank you. >> still head san francisco group asking city leaders for a boycott. >> they
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a bay activist group is calling on local politicians. >> they held a ceremony at castro and market streets upset the archbishop was one of the leetding proponents on a proposition that banned gay marriage in california. >> don't get involved in secular politics do your job, stay out of everyone's lives. >> and this archdiocese did not want to comment about the protest. there are more demonstrations planned for tomorrow. >> and this is going to be taking place as the city attorney revealed he had pleaded guilty to a drunk driving charge from august. >> coming up here it's not the baseball world series. >> that is america's
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hope you can join me at
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9:00 new concern about what facebook does with your information. and then, at 11:00 here on abc 7 the presidential debate now just 30 minutes away. millions will be watching and what people are saying at two biggest parties in the bay area. we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> there is a live picture from marina green. teams skpeeting are racing. it began around 4:00 this afternoon. >> there are 11 teams taking part. >> and that is exciting. >> world news is coming up next. >> and from all of us here, thanks for watching we appreciatit your time. you can catch the

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